The Tale of Mozi was a group project that took six months to complete with the help of six other teammates.
I worked as an Artist, Level Designer and was responsible for the making of the trailer.
About the game: 
The assignment instructed us to make a game to raise awareness of the Dutch wildlife, and the target audience was set to be kids.
After spending the first block (roughly three months) concepting, we concluded that the game should let the player experience the lives and the challenges that these animals face, and hopefully empathize with them.
The pictures below show some models I made for that project in greater detail.
I also designed the level shown and created some images showing how the level should flow.
For the people helping with the art of the game, I made 2D sketches showing how different pieces of foliage would look in a low-poly style, as well as a colour palette and a basic guide on how to use it.
Final note: This has to be one of my favourite projects and it redefined me as a Game Designer and Artist as well as teaching me what a good team really means.
Forever grateful to It Us, We Oscar.