This was a very quick project I developed on my own in less than two months. The only two things I didn't create myself were the assets for the environment and the dialogue system.
Character design:
Even though it wasn't a requirement for this subject, I wanted to design my own characters. I used Aseperite to draw them all. The player is supposed to play as the dog, and discover the story of these characters from his perspective.
This was my second time writing a story for a game (I also wrote some documents for Curse of the Abyss), but it was the first time that I had complete creative control. I wanted to tell the story of these two characters and how they gradually grew closer to each other through a line of quests. Even though there is only one end, the player has a lot of freedom when it comes to which direction they want to go.
Level design:
Because my priority wasn't coding, I created a dialogue tree that would require little to no checks to see whether the player had already done something. I created a dialogue flowchart that is meant to be approachable in any order and still make sense. 
This way, the player gets to decide which of the characters they want to approach first. The only character that the player should not approach first is Beatriz, but the level design makes it so that the payer will necessarily find another character first to get there.