This game was a semester-long project I worked on with seven other people. Here I worked as a Scrum Master, 3D modeler, story writer and animator. Also, I was a part of  the concepting team and helped design a level (though the demo version of the game doesn't include it)
In this game, the player will explore different rooms, solve puzzles and discover the hidden story of a forgotten civilization.
The player can solve the different puzzles by redirecting the light ray coming from a source until it reaches the target.
During the concepting part, I also worked on various iterations of a section of the map. This area was supposed to be the second area that the player walks into right after the end of the demo, and it is supposed to be a less linear experience than the beginning of the game. Sadly, due to a lack of time, we had to scratch that idea before actually developing the first prototype for it.
This is one of the animations I worked on, i made it in Blender and then worked with the programmers in our team to help them import it.
Finally, I was also in charge of creating some promotional material for this project to make it stand out. I used assets from our game to make a short animation that would convey the mysterious aesthetic we were going for.