A short narrative-based game, winner of the prize "Made Me Feel" at the GGJ 2023, Groningen.

Team size:
Art and Narrative.
The whole aesthetic of the game is supposed to be wholesome, funny and slightly ridiculous. The goal of the game is for Harold the Hermit Crab (the protagonist) to find his roots.
The quests are generally structured around a Mac Guffin with the objective of making the protagonist interact with characters that will change his perspective along the way.

All characters have their own unique personalities and ways of speaking. Sheldon the Shrimp, for example, is a very old man that always feeling nostalgic about his past as a young buccaneer.
The process of creating dialogue for a game was challenging but rewarding. I had to think about character motives and design genuine interactions. The dialogue had to further the overarching goal and be useful. Although it was initially challenging, the process was very interesting, and I am eager to keep developing this skill.